B&S Inflatables

We bring the party to you!

(662) 416 - 0067

    The ordering process is very simple.  If you'd like to make a reservation for your next special event just give us a call or text at 662-416-0067 or message us on Facebook!

When making a reservation we will need to know a contact person's name, phone number, as well as the time, date, and address of party.


    No deposit is required at the time your order is placed.  Payment in full is due once we have set up to your satisfaction.  We accept cash or  check.

If you need to cancel for any reason that is okay as long as you do so before we set up.

There is no penalty or fee, just try to let us know as soon as you can so that we may have time to find another renter.

     Once your reservation is confirmed you will receive a call from us a day or two before your event date in order for us to check-in with you, reconfirm, check on weather, make any final adjustments, and set up a good time to deliver and pick up.  Your place in our route depends on your party time and location.  We pride ourselves on being on time!  We will have you set up well before your party starts.  "That's a guarantee!"

    We are very good at accommodating special requests.  Our heavy-duty, custom-made "Jolly Dolly" allows us to tote these 600+ lb inflatables to areas that other companies can't.  Our staff is always willing to go the extra mile to satisfy our customers.  Our high-quality inflatables can also withstand a lot more than the inferior units floating around out there,  Which is why none of our's have a weight limit and the weather has minimal to no affect on our units.  

We will set up indoors, outdoors, in rain, in snow, on concrete, on sand, on gravel, or on grass.  

    We use 16-36 inch stakes and sandbags to anchor all inflatables to the ground.  We lay out tarps so that the children can get on and of the inflatable without tracking dirt, the tarps also give children a place to take there shoes on and off.  Cushioned pads are also supplied when needed.  We provide all extension cords and hoses at no extra cost as well.

   All prices listed are for a guaranteed 12 hours, however, we typically let the customers keep them longer and we pick up the next morningwithin a pre-discussed time frame, but if you need the unit picked up the same day we can make it happen.  Keeping your inflatable rental over night makes it easier for us to run a more efficient route.  It also has advantages for our customers as well!  Customers get more time to enjoy themselves into the night and get to play a little longer the next day from the time they wake up til the time we arrive to pick up.  You have the option to leave the unit inflated while you sleep or simply unplug it and it'll deflate.  If you decide to use it again in the morning just plug the unit back in and it'll re-inflate in 5-10 min.

Our "delivery area" includes all of Hardin & McNairy County TN, Alcorn County MS, Prentiss County MS, Tishomingo MS and other surrounding areas within 50 miles of Corinth, MS!  There is no delivery charge on any order inside of our "delivery area".

Don't Worry if you live outside of our "delivery area" we will still bring the party to you but we have to charge a delivery fee of $25-50 depending on the distance.

​If you have ANY questions do not hesitate to contact us via text, call, or Facebook. We will get back to you quickly!

Customer Satisfaction is our priority!